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The China Study Re-visited—with very different conclusions!

The China Study Re-visited—with very different conclusions!

Health writer Denise Minger shares her insights about the meat-no meat debate.

Denise Minger is exuberant and simply in search of the truth…about what the available data does and does not tell us about the nature of healthy nutrition. Following a raw food, vegan diet to become hearty and strong, Denise instead found herself becoming sicker and weaker. According to the conclusions in The China Study, she was on the diet that should prevent chronic disease. Puzzled by her experience, and a data wonk at heart, she obtained the original data upon which the book was based, and analyzed it herself. Join us for a discussion of what she found in that data, and in her subsequent quest for nutritional wisdom based in sound science rather than dogmatism or political agendas.

You can learn more about Denise’s work on her blog:, and in her upcoming book Death by Food Pyramid, due to be published in January, 2013. She also recommends you look at Mark Sisson’s blog:

  • GlobalGramma

    While I appreciate Ms. Minger’s points, it seems a critical omission in her recommendations that she failed to mention the chemical and antibiotic toxicities that permeate our mass agriculture and meat production systems.

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  • Alchemysta3
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  • Brendanbone1

    Wow you must be very smart, you understand the whole of Human History and what we have been eating, you understand all the complicated statistics done by a 20 year research, you know better than one of the worlds most renowned nutritionists, you had 16 cavities and you’re hair was fallen out. You’re exaggerated claims go beyond any debatable logic. The only people who would believe you’re lies are the lazy,fat,and stupid who look for any excuse to eat as much rubbish as they want. When you’re a professor in a field for over 40 years then you can speak.

  • mike

    Brendabone 1 thanks for showing the true side of campbells “supporters” with abuse and ad hominems, appeals to authority and hysterical hand waving.
    Well done.!! :)
    Anyway..If you read what Minger has done..she carefully destroys everything campbell claimed..and even shows you campbell refuting campbell..which is pretty funny.

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