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Wisdom From the Shan Ren Dao Retreat: Dr. Liu Lihong

Wisdom From the Shan Ren Dao Retreat: Dr. Liu Lihong

[Note: TNR is on a summer hiatus, so this episode has previously aired. Enjoy!]

We (Heiner and Laurie) are still at the 5-Element Emotional Healing (Shan Ren Dao) Retreat at the Trout Lake Abbey. We are very grateful that Dr. Liu Lihong, the main teacher of this transformational retreat, took the time today to share with us his thoughts about Chinese medicine. The topics covered range from the qualities of the ancient sages, the value of the classical texts of Chinese medicine, and the essential role of cultivation, transmission and trust in the development of a high-level practitioner.

  • Root LA

    This radio show is the single greatest on Classical Chinese medicine. Thank you so much for bridging concepts of eastern medicine to the western. The topics covered are insightful and interesting, and entirely relevant to major medicinal issues plaguing many, many people. Furthermore, this is perfectly understandable to people with an elementary interest in eastern medicine yet still interesting and relevant envy for professionals. I sincerely hope that your work touches millions of people, because the impacts will certainly make for a healthier world.

  • Swav

    I really like your radio shows… I’m waiting for more of them :) Cheers from Ireland

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