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The Triple Warmer Organ Network of Chinese Medicine

The Triple Warmer Organ Network of Chinese Medicine

Exploring the most mysterious of the organ networks

Join us for a discussion of the elusive Triple Warmer Organ Network—perhaps the least understood of the Chinese organ systems. While not easily associated with any specific physical organ, the Triple Warmer functions are related to warmth, water metabolism, and networking throughout the body. Aspects of nervous and endocrine system functioning are likely involved.

  • Diane Kim

    How you describe the triple warmer on a physical level describes the
    > matrix of the connective tissue or fascia. I worked as a veterinarian
    > doing surgery for ten years cutting out connective tissue of varies
    > stages of life and finding young connective tissue has the same
    > texture and look as “plastic clear wrap” while aged connective tissue
    > has thickened mass in what we call “aging”.

    It is what we stretch out
    > in my work now called Structural Integration by Ida Rolf. Also
    > accessed through qigong, yoga, etc as you mentioned in your radio
    > show.
    > In interspecies anatomy we spent hours and hours removing this webbing
    > of connective tissue so we can see the “real anatomy”. I remember
    > pealing away what is called omentum-the covering of the stomach then
    > finding it continues with the mesentary-covering of the intestines
    > then following it to the body wall -peritonium to the pleural cavity
    > to the pleural wrappings of the lungs to the pericardium through the mediastinum through the inside skull diving back around external muscular layers-It is all one connective tissue….
    > If it wasn’t for connective tissue we would all be “blobs” on the
    > ground. It is the interweaving matrix of all systems! We just put a
    > label on it in different places and don’t realize it is the same
    > source. In the body, it keeps every joint and skeleton upright (what
    > we generally call the fascia) and every organ intact (omentum,
    > pericardium, mediastinum) and at a cellular level – keeping every cell
    > infused encapsulating every vessel and nerve tissue and lymphatics
    > (interstitium). It has no ending and no beginning. We can live and
    > play with this organism that has full plasticity and has a never
    > ending evolution. It is interweaved within us and we call it
    > ourselves. Finding the center of this interweaving matrix on a
    > physical level is the basis of all spiritual practice.
    > As a butoh dancer, I relate especially to the story
    > you discussed about the dancer. With my experience the muscular
    > electro magnetic activity is lost when this center (or source, or the
    > “line”, or our core) has found its presence within the body. At the
    > anatomical level it is the fascia plane that encompasses this “line”.
    > The fascia sheath that goes from the medial
    > arch through the central pelvis encompassing the psoas and all organ units through the
    > inside thorax and up through the head. This can be viewed in Anatomy
    > trains Fascia anatomy. On a spiritual level when this “core” or
    > “line” is felt, from my experience, it goes to the center of our
    > Galaxy to the center of the earth and then we find every step into
    > space in relation to this “line” and the intermatrix of all its
    > connections……
    > I hope you find this interesting :) lots of care, Diane

    • Torhec

      Di ane I think you got a. lot of TW. Right on I have been medita ting on it. and still don’t have The Hinge between inner outer yang. Making de
      De ciscions about distribution of source Qi. Maintain ing movement of Qi and fluids surrounding inner organs. Also moving fluid from yang Ming to tai yang gascon sweat and below as urine Shao Yang regulat es heat
      also reg fluids in Jo.ints fluids in joi,nts Minister.ial fire can flare up
      Organ of irrigation and water way management e,tc etc Worsely
      description of it as a thermostat seems limited

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